Wednesday, May 04, 2011

William and Kate Are Going On Their Honeymoon…Soon!

William and Kate Are Going On Their Honeymoon…Soon!: "


How soon? 'Very soon,' according to royal insiders, but it's still very hush-hush on where they are going.

Now that the most anticipated wedding of the century is over and done with, the world is fixated on where Prince William will whisk his new Princess Duchess off to for their honeymoon. According to people in the know at the palace, William and Catherine's romantic getaway will be within the next couple months, with a trip 'overseas' before heading to Canada to make their first planned public trip as husband and wife.

Overseas? So that means Jordan, Mustique and Australia are all still on the table? Decisions, decisions!

Where would U like to see them go for their honeymoon?

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