Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Justin Bieber Confirms Tour Dates In Japan Still A Go!

Justin Bieber Confirms Tour Dates In Japan Still A Go!: "


What a little Bieber of his word!

Despite the crew of his tour reportedly flat-out refusing to participate out of fear of nuclear radiation and future earthquakes, Justin Bieber has maintained that he will continue on to his scheduled tour dates in Osaka and Tokyo, and yesterday, confirmed to his Bieblievers via Twitter!

He said:

'5 shows left of this leg of the #myworldtour! Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei, Osaka and Tokyo! Like I said…we are going to JAPAN! #supportjapan.'


We cannot commend him enough for being such a stand up young man during all of this!

Hopefully he's managed to convince his crew members how important this show is to his fans out there, especially after all their country has been through, and they've come around to the idea - as they should!

The things you worry about the tend to never happen, guys!

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