Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paul McCartney Having A Small Wedding

Paul McCartney Having A Small Wedding: "

Paul Small Wedding

You would think the opposite because of the ring's price tag, but maybe that's just it — they put more into the ring knowing that they'd have a small, simple, ceremony!

Paul McCartney proposed to his girlfriend of four years Nancy Shevell to the surprise of many (not like it was a bad thing, but unexpected!). He used a $650,000 ring to do the deed.

But despite that, Nancy insists everything will be low-key:

“It will be small. Just our families. I don’t know the exact date. And don’t ask what I’ll wear because how dressy do you get to stand before a Justice of the Peace in his chambers, which is exactly what we’re going to do.”

Sounds wonderful regardless if it's huge or not! True love doesn't require a billion dollar wedding, that's for sure, as long as you guys have each other!

She works in NYC, but will end up moving to England. She'll keep her job and commute once a month, though! Frequent flier miles, anyone??


Congrats guys, we hope you bring each other years of happiness!

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