Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Google Fast Flip] Update: Charlie Sheen calls story 'overblown and overplayed'

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Update: Charlie Sheen calls story 'overblown and overplayed'

Sheen (right) and Jennifer Grey in 1986's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." (Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures) Charlie Sheen is calling reports that he trashed a New York hotel room after doing coke with a prostitute "overblown and overplayed." [Insert joke here.] "Oh my man, I'm fine. The story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario. I know what went down and that's where it will stay ... under wraps." Which obviously means that whatever happened was utterly innocent or maybe Sheen was the victim of a diabolical conspiracy plot, possibly involving a Russian sleeper cell tasked with destroying the credibility of a beloved TV veteran with a previously sterling reputation. And honestly -- would Sheen really have been partying with a hooker while his two children and ex-wife slept in an adjacent room? Ahem. By Liz Kelly | October 27, 2010; 4:44 PM ET...

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