Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Google Fast Flip] Can Charlie Sheen be saved? - Charlie Sheen -

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Can Charlie Sheen be saved? - Charlie Sheen -

The actor is hospitalized after another dramatic episode. Is he beyond rehabilitation? That Charlie Sheen still has a career at this point is vivid proof of the triumph of hope over experience. Today, the most on television continues to be the most employable screw-up in the world, heading to the set of a feature film where he's doing a small part, before returning to the enduringly mediocre "Two and a Half Men." Not a bad workweek for a man who this weekend disturbed the well-heeled guests of New York's Plaza Hotel with his room-trashing, What The New York Post referred to as a "coke and hooker rampage" appears to have begun when Sheen accused his escort for the evening of taking his wallet and cell phone. He was carted off to the hospital for "for alcohol abuse and psychological evaluation" after reportedly telling police he'd been drinking and using cocaine earlier in the evening (though no drugs were found in his room). His agent Stan Rosenfield has already chalked up the incident to And Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards, who was staying across the hall and accompanied him to the hospital, told Joy Behar Tuesday, "As far as what happened and what went on, I'd rather leave that for Charlie to discuss if that's something he wants to do because that's something Sheen himself, a man who's still on probation for his December 2009 domestic violence incident in Aspen and who seems coated in Teflon, has so far kept mum on the incident. Few individuals share Sheen's spectacular list of arrests, rehabs, and legendarily bad behavior -- and equally formidable knack for not losing jobs or winning lengthy prison term for their parole violations in the process. As Aspen Deputy District Attorney Arnold Mordkin shrugged to E! this week But while Sheen is a dramatic example of second and third and umpteenth chances, the stubborn talent for messing up in spite of a wealth of resources and encouragement is an all-too-familiar story to anybody who's experienced or loved someone with alcoholism or addiction. And it begs the question – when do we, as friends, family, employers, or even television viewers – give up on a person? Sheen, like plenty of individuals who've struggled with substance abuse, can appear at times a genial, charismatic guy. He has two brothers, one sister, a famous father, two ex-wives, one current spouse and five children. He has people who love him and colleagues who depend on him to not be wasted and destroying hotel rooms. And yet he keeps finding himself in variations of the same pickle, again and again....

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