Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Google Fast Flip] PICS: Charlie Sheen, Porn Star Booze It Up Before Fiasco

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PICS: Charlie Sheen, Porn Star Booze It Up Before Fiasco

Hours before Charlie Sheen trashed his Plaza Hotel suite, the actor really lived it up at NYC eatery Daniel with porn star Capri Anderson, ex-wife Denise Richards and other pals. New photos from TMZ show Sheen, 45, letting loose at a table covered with glasses of wine and cocktails. The website confirms that the actor splurged on two bottles of Grand Vin de Chateau Latour 1959 -- which cost $5900 per bottle. At Sheen's side in one shot: Anderson, the woman who was later in the hotel room after Sheen's outburst caused a reported $7,000 in damages. Some reports claim that Sheen flew into a rage and turned the room upside down specifically because he was looking for an expensive watch that had disappeared. Capri Anderson, who first called hotel security, told Entertainment Tonight: "I never took the watch." Comment by signing in with or creating your Facebook account by clicking below. You must sign in with Facebook in order to comment. Is it just me or does Charlie look over his shoulder as she is trying to pose with him as if to say "are you touching me?" And yes, she looks pregnant! But hookers and porn stars don't stop partying or filming or hooking just because they are pregnant. That's why abandoned babies are found dead all the time. Is the porn star preggo??? Hope not, but then again...wouldn't put much past either of them! Charlie Sheen is a rockstar. Deal with it. charlie sheen is a rockstar. deal with it. someones looking quite tipsy...or should I say TRASHED! I'm sure its all a big misunderstanding tho, right? lol...

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