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[Google Fast Flip] Keith Richards On His Relationship With Mick Jagger

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Keith Richards On His Relationship With Mick Jagger

By Steven Kurutz In Keith Richards' new memoir, "Life," he writes about his long, complicated relationship with Mick Jagger, recalling that during a fractious time in the 1980s, he began to derisively refer to his bandmate as "Brenda." In the book, Richards characterizes the late-period Jagger as someone who's egocentric, slavish to new musical trends and suspicious of people's motivations to the point of being self-isolated. Perhaps Richards realized that if he wants to tour again as the Rolling Stones, it's not a wise move to insult the singer, because at a talk last night at the New York Public Library the Stones guitarist was noticeably deferential to Mick. Asked about the songwriting process by interviewer Anthony DeCurtis, Richards said that he writes specifically with Jagger in mind. "Midnight Rambler" — ain't nobody else can sing that, except Mick," Richards said. At another point, in discussing the primary differences between the Beatles and the Stones, Richards said the Beatles were a vocal group, while the Stones were more of an instrumental band. "We had one frontman, so he better be good, right? He was the best." Underscoring Richards' place at the very top of the rock and fame firmament, the audience was filled with celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Lou Reed and Richard Belzer who came to hear Richards speak about his life and career. Paul Holdengräber, director of Live from the NYPL, extended the invitation for Richards to speak after he read an article earlier this year in which the guitarist talked about the importance of libraries, calling the them the great "equalizer." Richards ended the evening by offering the crowd the tantalizing news that, regarding a Stones album or tour, "I do think there will be something next year."...

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