Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exclusive! Justin Bieber Has Never Met Robert Pattinson

Exclusive! Justin Bieber Has Never Met Robert Pattinson: "


And the truth will set you free!

Yesterday, we new circulated on a surprising story about Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. Many moons ago, The Biebs had told sources that he and R-Patz shared a moment at a party and extended an invite to the vamp to be his wingman anytime. This week, Robert told MTVNews that he has never met Justin ever in his 110 years of life and didn't know why he would be name-dropping him when Justin's so famous in his own right.

So what's the dealio? We can tell you right here!

Sources contacted exclusively to reveal that indeed Justin and Robert have never met. Turns out the magazine that interviewed Justin so long ago LIED and made the whole story up. Then, 'people ran with it' and things just got out of control.

Indeed, Justin confirmed this tidbit himself while on Radio 1 this week in the UK. When flat-out asked about his comment, he told the DJ:

"I never said that…I have never even met the guy"

And there you have it! Mystery solved!

Once again, the damn liberal media is at fault! Curse you all! Ha!

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