Tuesday, January 04, 2011

John Travolta Allegedly Runs Out On Wife & Newborn To Party With The Boys!

John Travolta Allegedly Runs Out On Wife & Newborn To Party With The Boys!: "


Now that doesn't sound like him at all! We're skeptical about this.

The National Enquirer is reporting that John Travolta abandoned his family just before Christmas last week to fly to Vermont with some 'pals.'

Friends of the couple told the Enquirer that John's marriage to Kelly Preston has been rocky for a long time, but she had hoped that the birth of their miracle baby, Benjamin, would get their marriage 'back on track.' Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case, as John allegedly has more interest in hanging out with his 'buddies' than his family.

John's continued absence has apparently become 'harder' for Kelly to 'accept' and thus, she allegedly called him out on his issues before he left for his boy's trip. A source explains:

'Just before he left her and the baby for his three-day party in the mountains of Vermont, she stopped him and told him she couldn't stand him leaving just after she brought home their newborn. She said she felt abandoned with him running off right before Christmas. John's temper flared, and he insisted that the trip was something he needed to do. Kelly told him she was tired of him always leaving, and he angrily told her, 'That's the way it is' and left in a huff.'

Huh. This just seems so odd! He seemed like such a proud papa. Why would he desert his family for a trip to a ski lodge? What is it about these 'friends' that makes them more important than his wife and newborn son?

Like we said, we remain skeptical, but we just hate the thought that Kelly may have spent the holidays alone. Hasn't she suffered enough?

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