Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Demi Lovato Thanks Her Fans!

Demi Lovato Thanks Her Fans!: "


So sweet!

Demi Lovato recently took to her Facebook page to not only check in with her fans, but also let them know how much she appreciates their support, while she's in rehab for physical and emotional issues.

She wrote:

I wish to thank all the friends and fans who voted for me for the People's Choice Awards and the Hot Hits Hottest Teen Stars of 2010. I want to make sure my fans know how thankful I am for all their love, support and prayers during this difficult time. Thank you for standing beside me through it all.

Just lovely!

We're happy to hear that she sounds like she's getting the help that she needs, and feels as though she has a lot of support from not only those with whom she's close, but also from her fans!

Keep up the good work, bb!

You'll get there soon! We're sure of it!

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