Tuesday, November 02, 2010

[Google Fast Flip] Is Justin Bieber wearing makeup? Do we care?

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Is Justin Bieber wearing makeup? Do we care?

A few years back Justin Bieber was busking on a street in Canada. Now he's launching branded products lines (nail polish and a unisex fragrance), written a gushy, photo-filled memoir and is on tap to host a reincarnated "Punk'd" for MTV. He's also, this week, appearing on the cover of Brazilian teen mag Todateen in what appears to be lipstick and totally smoked out eyes. That, coupled with the strategically mussed mop top gives Bieber more the air of a young Natalie Portman or Hilary Swank than, umm, a young Justin Bieber. But did he really wear makeup for the shoot? Since I don't speak or read Portuguese I asked my friend Genilson Brandao, possibly DC's best-dressed resident and originally from Brazil, to translate the accompanying text. According to Genilson, the mag claims to have a spread of over 70 photos of the Bieb, "including 10 poster-sized photos and shirtless shots." Ick. There is also a note from the editors in response to criticism of the cover shot. They claim the photo was not altered in any way, but fail to mention whether or not he was actually wearing makeup. Bieber, they added, is super-handsome naturally and they see no need to alter any photo of...

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