Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lady Gaga Releases Fame Fragrance Short Film

Lady Gaga Releases Fame Fragrance Short Film :

She’s never been one for anything conventional, and Lady Gaga marched to the beat of her own drummer with the new promo for her fragrance Fame.
The “Edge of Glory” departed from the usual blissful or sexual motifs used by most scents, and took viewers to the “Haus Laboratories in Paris.”
A cold, industrial setting, the lab is punctuated with shirtless men who act as scientists conjuring up Gaga’s unique black eau de parfum, while a French voiceover artist explains the process.
Lady Gaga also took to her Twitter page to tease her followers about her upcoming single- “MONSTER FACT: we love watching you freak out about what the next single is. @DJWS ask this guy.”


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